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Please contact your District Trustee directly by telephone or email.

You can locate your district via the District Map.  District definitions can be found HERE.


VACANT - District 1


VACANT - District 2


Mary Anne Speck - District 3 - (314) 469-1760

Directory Committee, Architectural Review Committee

Sam Craig - District 4 - (314) 576-1514

​VACANT - District 5


Gary Salmans - District 6 - (314) 485-1979

Common Grounds Committee

Pam Welker - District 7 - (314) 803-1165

Vice President, Pool Committee

District Trustees

Jerry Goldberg - (314) 434-2566

Gazette Editor, Neighborhood Preservation Committee


Kathy Schweitzer -  (314) 576-5891

President, Long Range Planning Committee

Les Shenberg - (314) 514-0280


Mike Joerling - (314) 878-1773

Secretary, Internet Committee

Ken Levine - (314) 249-0093

Streets and Sidewalks Committee

Ann Jafari

Welcome Committee



At Large Trustees

Old Farm Estates Trustee Meetings are Held on the Second Tuesday of Each Month at 7:30 PM
Location: Holy Cross Lutheran Church

All residents are encouraged to attend these informal meetings; to ask questions or identify concerns and/or to become more involved in the following committees.

Old Farm Estates Committees
The Old Farm Estates Board of Trustees, is comprised of elected subdivision homeowners who volunteer to serve on one or more of the following Committees as generally defined by the St. Louis County Mo Department of Planning

Architectural Review Committee - This committee monitors and preserves the architectural integrity of the subdivision. The main goal is to maintain the appearance and value of the properties within Old Farm Estates. The ARC reviews and approves all architectural requests and plans submitted by residents. Decisions are based upon trustee-drafted rules and the regulations set forth in the Old Farm Estates Indentures. This Committee monitors all of the homes in the subdivision to ensure that all additions, fences, remodeling or alterations are approved by the Committee.

Common Grounds Committee - This Committee is responsible for monitoring the common grounds landscaping within Old Farm Estates and makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding improvements and maintenance. This Committee also works closely with landscape contractors and monitors their performance.

Communications Committee/Gazette Newsletter - This Committee serves as the primary communications link between the Old Farm Estates Trustees and residents primarily through the publication of the Gazette (Newsletter), mailings and notices.

Internet Committee - This committee is responsible for establishing and maintaining the web site for Old Farm Estates Subdivision, ( The web site includes a description of OFE,  Indentures, meetings and events notification, contact information and other items of interest.

Long Range Planning Committee - This Committee monitors issues and events outside of and surrounding Old Farm Estates Subdivision, and represents OFE at various functions and meetings. The committee also reviews existing and pending legislation to assess the impact on OFE and interfaces with schools, government agencies, and other subdivisions on matters that impact Old Farm Estates.

Neighborhood Watch - Neighborhood Watch is an organized way to involve OFE residents in discouraging and preventing crime in the subdivision. The main principles behind Neighborhood Watch is to encourage residents to properly secure their homes and belongings and to report suspicious activity. Neighborhood Watch is organized in partnership with the St. Louis County Police Department

Pool Committee - The pool committee consists of 6 members who work in unison to help upkeep the pool and recreation area in Old Farm Estates. There will be an overlap of duties but each member will be primarily responsible for one of the following areas: Repair and Upkeep, Pool Management Company Liaison, Membership, Treasurer, Pool Access/Posting of Signs/Misc. and Swim Team Liaison.

Recreation Committee - The Recreation Chairperson works closely with the pool committee, but is not necessarily a member of that committee. The recreation chairperson is responsible for planning, securing volunteers, and overseeing social events for the residents of Old Farm Estates. These events place at the common ground and pool. This person is also responsible for making sure the playground located at the pool entrance is kept in good repair and safe for the resident children.

Streets and Sidewalks Committee - The role of Streets and Sidewalks Committee is to oversee the maintenance, appearance and safety of the streets and sidewalks in Old Farm Estates and to coordinate these activities with St. Louis County Department of Highways and Traffic (314) 615-8538.


Cul-de-sacs Committee - This is a new committee as of 6/10/2008.  There are a few volunteers consisting of both trustees and non-trustees.  The initial goal of the committee is to create a plan on how to deal with the OFE cul-de-sacs.

Neighborhood Heritage Preservation Committee - This a a new committee as of 7/2009 established to try to keep the OFE properties up to St. Louis County Preservation standards and OFE indenture standards.

Welcome Committee - The role of the Welcome Committee is to personally greet new homeowners into OFE, welcoming them into the community and getting them familiar with the neighborhood. This Committee often provides new homeowner with a copy the OFE Indentures, a homeowners directory, and other useful information, such as copies of the Gazette.

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