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Old Farm Estates Committees


If a resident is interested in volunteering to serve on a committee, they should contact the President of the Board, Vice President of the Board, or any trustee. Volunteers are always welcome.

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

This committee visits homes of all proposed projects and reviews and makes recommendations to the whole board of trustees regarding approval of architectural requests and plans submitted by residents. The ARC deals with modifications of the exteriors of OFE houses and yards with focus on maintaining the architectural integrity, appearance and value of the properties within Old Farm Estates. They base their decisions upon trustee-drafted guidelines, the regulations set forth in the Old Farm Estates Indenture, and St. Louis County rules and regulations. Any external modifications owners want to do to their homes (for example, fences, decks, sheds, room additions, driveway expansions, retaining walls, etc.) should be submitted to this committee first and the committee will present the project to the whole Board for approval. Owners are requested to present their applications at least a month ahead of the trustee meeting at which they want their project to be approved. ARC Information

Common Grounds Committee

This committee is responsible for monitoring the common grounds landscaping and condition within Old Farm Estates; for making recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding improvements and maintenance; and for working closely with and monitoring the performance of landscape contractors. 


Community Liaison Committee

This committee monitors issues and events outside of and surrounding Old Farm Estates subdivision and represents OFE at various functions and meetings around the city/county. The committee also reviews existing and pending legislation to assess the impact on OFE and interfaces with schools, government agencies, and other subdivisions on matters that impact Old Farm Estates.

Cul-de-sac Committee

Mowing grass, planting and attending to the plantings of cul-de-sacs are the responsibility of owners, though the cul-de-sacs are owned by Saint Louis County. It assists residents to obtain reimbursement for a portion of their materials’ costs related to maintaining the cul-de-sacs in front of their homes. Appropriate reimbursable materials would include such tangible items as mulch, hedges, trees, bulbs, perennials, stones, concrete, and the like. Residents may receive up to $100 annual reimbursement per cul-de-sac on a first-come basis ($200 if on Fourposter cul-de-sac) after submitting a ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo and relevant receipts.


Directory and Guide Book Committee

This committee is responsible for revising and distributing the annual OFE Guide Book and Directory.



This committee provides the primary printed communications link between the Old Farm Estates Trustees and residents through the publication of the Gazette (Newsletter).

Internet (website)/Communications Committee

This committee is responsible for establishing and maintaining the website for Old Farm Estates subdivision, The website includes information about OFE, (including original floor plans), the complete Indenture of Restrictions, notification of meetings and events, contact information for trustees, and other items of interest. 


Neighborhood Heritage Preservation Committee

The Trustees established this committee in 2009 and entrusted it with the responsibility of trying to keep the exteriors of OFE properties up to St. Louis County codes, the OFE Indenture and of approved trustee guidelines (solar panels, fences, trailers). Residents may report their concerns about a property’s upkeep to this committee. The committee investigates those concerns and attempts to resolve the problem relative to violations. If necessary, this committee will call and collaborate with St. Louis County regarding County violations. The committee does not take away the right of a resident to report County violations directly to Saint Louis County at 314-615-4100.


Pool Committee

The Pool Committee focuses on keeping up the pool in Old Farm Estates. There is an overlap of duties among the committee members, but each member is primarily responsible for one of the following areas: Repair and Upkeep; Pool Management Company Liaison; Membership; Treasurer; Pool Access/Posting of Signs/Misc.; and Swim Team Liaison. The pool committee conducts one or more fundraisers per year, for example, the annual Trivia Night held in August. 


Recreation Committee/Annual Activities

The goal of the Recreation Committee is to initiate and coordinate programs that bring Old Farm Estates residents together in ways that ensure OFE flourishes as a community of warm, welcoming people who care about each other. This committee is the happy, fun and community-building piece of our neighborhood. The chairperson is responsible for planning, securing volunteers for, and overseeing social events for the residents of Old Farm Estates, most of which take place at the common ground and pool.

Strategic Planning Committee

In October 2021, the Board of Trustees created the Strategic Planning Committee (also called Long Range Planning) in order to know better how to invest OFE’s money back into maintaining and improving OFE’s home values and sense of community. The role of this committee is to develop, execute and maintain a long and short range planning process on behalf of Old Farm Estates. In fall 2022, trustees merged the “Finance” committee into the Strategic Planning Committee. The Strategic Planning Committee recommends to the Board large, overarching initiatives as well as impactful short-range projects based on needs assessments of homeowners it routinely conducts via written surveys and other means.


Streets and Sidewalks Committee

The role of the Streets and Sidewalks Committee is to keep an eye on Saint Louis County’s maintenance of the streets and sidewalks in Old Farm Estates. This committee will attempt to coordinate with St. Louis County Department of Highways and Traffic when sidewalks or streets need repairs. Saint Louis County owns the sidewalks and streets. Owners with issues regarding streets and sidewalks may want to report their concerns to the County (314-615-8504) as well as to this committee.

Welcome Wagon Committee

The Head of the Welcome Committee personally greets and welcomes new OFE homeowners and familiarizes them with our neighborhood. They provide new homeowners with a copy of an OFE Guide Book and Directory, copies of the Gazette and other useful information. They also gather contact information for new residents for the Directory, for example, phone numbers and email addresses.

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