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Old Farm Estates Committees


Old Farm Estates has established committees to focus on key areas of responsibility within the neighborhood. The chairperson of most committees is an elected Trustee who volunteers to chair the committee. If a resident is interested in volunteering to serve on a committee, they should contact the committee chairperson. Volunteers are always welcome.

Finance Committee

Develop the annual budget & calendar for Board approval; build strategic plan based on relevant data including a reserve study; and ensure the Indenture-required annual financial review is completed.

Pool Committee

Operate the pool in coordination with Midwest Pool Company; prepare the pool for opening in the spring and shut down in the fall; support the swim team; maintain and improve the pool-related assets; pool communications; and collaboration with the Community Engagement committee on events and activities.

Neighborhood Preservation Committee

Focus on the common grounds, architectural reviews (ARC), streets and sidewalks, the playground, and cul-de-sacs. The purpose of the ARC is to ensure that the exteriors of OFE properties remain up to St. Louis County codes, the OFE Indenture, and of approved trustee guidelines (solar panels,
fences, trailers). ARC Information


Community Engagement Committee

Enhance community spirit and collaboration by developing and overseeing activities that appeal to a variety of people and ages. For information about planned activities, consult the calendar, signage, and the OFE Facebook group.

Communications Committee

Focus on developing overall communications goals and strategies. The Board uses the following modes of communication: The OFE website, the OFE Gazette, the Guide Book & Directory, General Subdivision Meetings, Monthly Trustee Meetings.

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