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Architectural Review

Article III, Subsection D of the Old Farm Estates Indenture of Restrictions (Indenture) confers the Trustees with the responsibility of reviewing and approving all proposed exterior improvements to lots in OFE.   The objective is to maximize property values by preserving the architectural integrity of our community and perpetuating its natural beauty. 


Architectural Review Committee

This committee reviews requests and plans submitted by lot owners regarding exterior improvement projects and makes recommendations to the whole Board of Trustees regarding whether to approve or deny a project.  All projects such as (but not limited to) fences, decks, sheds, room additions, driveway expansions, retaining walls, siding, windows, painting, etc.  should be submitted to this committee for review.   The committee will schedule an onsite review of the project and make a recommendation to the Board.  The Board will then vote to approve or deny the project.  Decisions are based upon the Indenture, trustee-drafted regulations and guidelines and St. Louis County ordinances and codes. 


Please plan ahead.  The Board considers such requests at its monthly business meeting held on the second Tuesday each month.    Requests must be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee at least 30 days prior to the Board meeting at which you wish to get approval.  A reminder, approval from the Board of Trustees must be gained prior to the start of your project.  Please be sure to allow adequate time for the committee to do a site review of your project and the full Board to approve the request. 


Point of Contact for Questions and Request Submission

Sam Craig

Phone: 314-398-3891



Steps to Obtaining Trustee Approval


Architectural Review Application Form


Fence Installation Guidelines


Solar Panel Installation Guidelines

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