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District Map

Old Farm Estates District Map.jpg

Description of districts for the purpose of representation of the Board of Trustees:

District 1

13005–13166 Old Farm Drive 

Musket Court

Camphill Court

Old Bridge Drive


District 2

1221–1452 Old Farm Drive          

13174 Old Farm Drive          

Benbush Drive

Damask Court


1226–1322 Creve Coeur Mill Rd 

13200–13238 Heirloom


District 3

1509–1702 Bookbinder Drive      

Hobnail Drive

Hobnail Court


1500–1547 Heirloom                    

1604–1678 Creve Coeur Mill Rd


District 4

Strawberry Way

Fourposter Court

Parquet Court

Walnut Way

13076–13135 Greenbough Drive


District 5

Burlewood Drive

Gatehouse Court

Pickfair Drive


District 6

13570–13668 Amiot Dr. (East Side)

1810–1956 Bookbinder Drive      

Copper Kettle Court

Tandem Drive

Andiron Court

13140–13282 Greenbough Drive

District 7

13432–13522 Amiot Dr. (East Side)

13009–13193 Weatherfield Drive

Barnhill Court

Beacongrove Drive

Pepperrell Drive

Roundstone Court

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