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Indenture of Restrictions

The Old Farm Estates Indenture of Restrictions (Indenture) defines the rules by which our subdivision is governed and the responsibilities inherent in homeownership in the subdivision.  The Indenture is attached to each lot in the subdivision.  Per, “Indenture” means legal agreement or contract.  By purchasing a home in OFE, the lot owner agrees to comply with the Indenture.   


The subdivision was developed in 15 plats.  Originally, each plat had its own Indenture.  In 1979, the lot owners sued the developer to take control of the homeowners association and asked the court to create one Indenture for all 15 plats.  In a Declaratory Judgement, the court established one, restated Indenture attached to the lots in all 15 plats and created a 15 member Board of Trustees to govern the subdivision and ensure adherence to the Indenture.  Six, subsequent amendments to the Indenture created the Indenture that we have today. 


The complete Old Farm Estates Indenture is available in two versions. Copies of both versions can be downloaded below.  The first is the complete, Legal Version that shows the original Restated Indenture from 1979 and all Amendments as they were filed with St. Louis County.  The second is a Compiled Version where all of the Amendments have been incorporated into one, more easily readable and searchable document.  Please note, the Compiled Version is transcribed from the original documents and intended for reference purposes only.  For legal purposes, reader is cautioned to reference the Legal Version. 


Legal Version                                                                   Compiled Version


Restrictions & Guidelines

The Indenture perpetuates the quality of our community by upholding the natural beauty of our surroundings and protecting the architectural integrity of our community for generations to come.  To do this, the Indenture places certain restrictions on the lots in Old Farm Estates and empowers the Trustees to create guidelines to maintain and enhance property values in the subdivision.  Below is a summary of those restrictions.  See Article IV of the Indenture for full details:


  • Exterior Updates – Changes to the exterior of the property are controlled by the Trustees through the Architectural Review Committee and by St. Louis county ordinances.See the Architectural Review page for details about the process of getting your project reviewed.

  • Interior Update – Changes to the interior of the property must follow St. Louis County codes and ordinances.

  • Single Family Residences – Only one family, as defined by St. Louis County, may live in an OFE residence.

  • Residential Use – No residence or any portion of any lots shall be used as a boarding house, rooming house, club house or road house.

  • Animals – A maximum of two (2) dogs or cats may be kept as household pets.No livestock, poultry or other animals may be kept in or on any part of any lot in this subdivision.

  • Fences – The erections of a fence of any kind must be approved by the Trustees in advance of its installation.  Fence Installation Guidelines

  • Solar Panels – The installation of solar panels on a residence in OFE must follow the guidelines established by the Trustees.  Solar Panel Installation Guidelines

  • Trailers – Lot owners are not permitted to house or park a trailer on any lot.

  • Dwelling – No person may dwell in a garage, outbuilding, trailer, or other structures not designed as permanent or stationary.

  • Commercial Endeavor – Manufacturing, industrial or business activity is prohibited in any residence or accessory building or on any lot.

  • Illegal Activity – No premises in OFE shall be used for any purpose prohibited by law or ordinance.

  • Nuisance – Nothing shall be done on an OFE property which may be or become a nuisance in the judgment of the Trustees.

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