Welcome OFE Residents

​Welcome to our neighborhood.  We hope you find you stay in Old Farm to be enjoyable.  This package of information is provided by the Trustees of Old Farm Estates Subdivision.  We hope you find it helpful.  Please see our web-site at oldfarmestates.org for more information.


Goals and Purposes of a Community Association


The purpose of our community association is to maintain our commonly owned property and amenities, which include our garden areas, ball fields, subdivision pool, and playground, provide community centered activities to promote awareness, safety and social interaction, and to encourage residents to maintain the appearance of their homes so as to maintain the unique character of Old Farm Estates.  Our goal is ensure that Old Farm Estates Subdivision remains one of the premier communities located in West St Louis County. 


Community Activities


  • Spring Party and Egg Hunt – Come and enjoy our annual Spring Party.This event will include a candy Egg Hunt for children of all ages.In addition several local business owners will provide a chance for each family to win other prizes.


  • End of School Year Pool Party.The pool will open to all school age children for one afternoon of fun following the end of the school year.


  • Fourth of July Parade – each year we celebrate the fourth of July by parading from Fern Ridge School at Old Farm Dr and Creve Coeur Mill Rd to our subdivision pool.Our pool will be open to all residents on the 4th and will include lots of fun, games and entertainment.


  • Trivia Night at the Pool – each summer we will have a trivia night at the pool.This is a fun night and is open to all adult residents and their friends and families.


  • Halloween Treats – join us in the common ground parking lot at the pool to show off you costume and enjoy some Halloween treats and hot dogs.


  • Swimming Club – Membership in the Old Farm Estates Swim Club is available to all Old Farm residents as part of the annual assessment.  Non residents living outside of Old Farm Estates may also purchase memberships.  Please see the pool section of website for more information.


  • Swim Team – The Old Farm swim team participates in the Gateway Swimming Conference.  Competitive swimming for ages 6 – 18.  Children ages 3 – 6 may participate on the Old Farm Kickboard Team (non competitive, home meets only).  This is a great way for you to meet your neighbors and your children’s friends and family.Please see our website for more information.


  • Ball fields – our common ground ball fields are open to all residents on a first come first serve basis.Please contact the chairperson of our common ground if you have any concerns regarding the maintenance of these fields.


  • Neighborhood Watch - Neighborhood Policing Officers are assigned to our area.You may report non emergencies to our precinct at 889-2341 (dispatch), 567-9926 (station) or 567-9935 (direct).If you would like to be included on the email alert system contact the Trustee Chairperson of the Neighborhood Watch Committee.  Please see the trustees page of our website.




  • Garden Club – The Farm Trails Garden Club usually meets the second Monday of the month, either in private homes or go on field trips. Our group continues to learn new gardening tips. All are invited. For more information, call Joyce Lehman (878-7973), Jan Conant (576-7590) or Shirley Warmbold (434-5115).


  • Other Clubs – if you are interested in starting a club the Old Farm Trustee may be able to help.  We can offer our web-site and other contact information to assist in our community closer together.


Old Farm Estates Pool Facilities


The Old Farm Estates pool is owned by all of the homeowners of the Old Farm Estates Subdivision.  A portion of you subdivision assessments is used to pay for repairs, maintenance and improvements to the pool facilities. 


Usage of the pool requires the purchase of a membership in the Old Farm Estates Swim Club, a member’s only nonprofit corporation.  The cost to operate the pool, life guards, water, electricity and routine maintenance, are funded by the Old Farm Estates Swim Club.  The swimming pool is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day.   


The Old Farm Estates Swim Club has a volunteer board of Directors that manages the activities of the Club and works with the Old Farm Estates Subdivision Board of Trustees to maintain and improve the facility.  Volunteers are always needed, welcomed and appreciated.



Rules and Guidelines


Our Indenture of Restrictions is the primary vehicle we use to guide us but we also recognize that St Louis County offers a wealth of services to assist and guide our community.    The following excerpts are taken from our Indenture of restrictions and St Louis County Ordinances. Bracketed items are references to our Indenture of Restrictions.  Copies of the Indenture of Restrictions can be downloaded from our web-site here


Indenture of Restrictions

  • Home Improvements

    • All buildings or structures proposed for construction, i.e. decks, fences, sheds, swimming pools or tennis courts etc…, require written approval of the Subdivision Trustees prior to being erected. (Article III paragraph D, Article IV paragraph F)

  • Proposed additions to buildings or alterations in the external appearance of buildings already constructed require written approval of the Subdivision Trustees. (Article III paragraph D)


  • In considering home improvements the Subdivision Trustees shall consider their duties and responsibility to maintain uniform characteristics of the subdivision and the effect on all property values in the subdivision.  (Article III paragraphs E and K)


  • Trailers are not permitted to be housed or parked on any lot, except as temporary and legally parked on an approved parking surface. (Article IV paragraph E).


  • No commercial activities are allowed to be conducted from any residential lot.(Article IV paragraph D)


  • Single Family Residences – One building per lot may be used as a residence and each lot is limited to a single family.No temporary residences are permitted.(Article IV paragraphs A, B and E)


Dogs or cats kept as household pets are allowed.Homeowners are limited to two dogs or cats.No livestock, poultry or other animals are allowed (Article IV paragraph C)


Property Maintenance – In the event that a property is neglected or vacated the subdivision Trustees may exercise their right to clean up the property and charge the lot owner for such service.(Article III paragraph C).


Lot owners are encouraged to maintain their property by keeping trees and shrubs trimmed and well maintained as well as keeping their lawns cut and clear of debris.  The Trustees shall notify any lot owner who in the judgment of the Trustees has neglected to maintain their property to a point detrimental to the value of all properties in the subdivision.  Minimum standards for property maintenance can be found at the St Louis County Neighborhood Preservation web-site at http://www.stlouisco.com/pubworks/PMChklst.html.


  • Street Lights – OFE street lights are rented from AmerenUE.  If there is anything wrong with a street light, please call 314-342-1000 and report the problem along with the street light number which should be on the street light.  Refer to the map if the street light number is missing.



St Louis County Ordinances


  • Streets and Sidewalks – the streets and sidewalks in our neighborhood are owned and maintained by St Louis County.The county will provide the following services on our streets and sidewalks:

  • St Louis County will sweep the streets twice per year upon request.

  • The Department will trim trees located between the street and sidewalk on the street side for branches that are less than 15 feet above the street pavement and on the sidewalk side for branches less than 7 feet above the sidewalk. 

  • The Department will remove dead or dying trees.

  • If roots are pushing up the sidewalk, the Department will either grind down any uneven concrete or replace the sidewalk.  Tree roots may be either cut or the trees may be fully removed. 


Questions or concerns regarding the maintenance of our streets and sidewalks should be directed to Saint Louis County Service request line at 314-615-8538.  In addition please also notify the Trustee Chairperson of the Old Farm Streets and Sidewalks Committee.  Please see the contact section of our website.


  • Cul-de-sac landscape islands – cul-de-sac landscape islands are owned by St Louis County.The County will not cut grass or attend to any plantings on these islands.They will remove or trim trees that are dead or dying.All other maintenance is performed by the residents around the island.


  • Neighborhood Preservation/Property Maintenance – property inspections are conducted by the Neighborhood Preservation Department of St Louis County.You can view the minimum standards for property maintenance at http://www.stlouisco.com/pubworks/PMChklst.html.


Problem properties may be reported to St Louis County by calling (314) 615-7333.  All calls are confidential.


  • Nuisance animals – Animal control can be contacted at (314) 726-6655.


  • Blocking the sidewalk – vehicles parked in driveways should not block the sidewalk, please report any violations to our neighborhood watch police officers listed above.





We use the offices of the City and Village to bill and collect our annual assessments.  Annual assessments are billed one time each year.  Assessments are due 12/31 for following year.




A copy of this letter shall be maintained on our web-site for you reference.  Please visit our web-site at http://www.oldfarmestates.org.




The activities of the subdivision are managed by a volunteer board of Trustees.  Each Trustee is elected to a three year term of office.  There are 15 Trustees positions, one for each of the seven districts and eight at large. 


District Trustees are elected in November every third year by the residents residing in each district.  At Large Trustees are elected in May every third year by the all residents of the subdivision.  District and at large Trustee elections are separated by a period of 18 months so that every eighteen months there is either a district or at large election.  Solicitations for nominations are mailed to each resident prior to the election.  Open vacancies may be filled at any time by a majority of the current Trustees. 


The Trustees hold regular monthly meeting on the second Tuesday of the month at Holy Cross Lutheran Church.  These meeting are open to all residents.  Contact information for your volunteer Trustees can be found at our web-site oldfarmestates.org, just click on your Trustees name to email or call at the listed number.