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Pool Access & Registration

OFE Resident Pool Access & Registration

Usage of the pool by Old Farm Estates residents is included in the annual assessment. Residents may use the pool as long as they are current with their assessment fee and have completed the registration form.


Pool registration must be completed annually for every OFE Household that wants to use the pool. Access is limited to all persons living in your household and all names must be listed on your registration form.

Non-Resident Pool Access

Are you a non-resident interested in joining the OFE pool? Non-residents living outside of Old Farm Estates may purchase annual passes. Friends and relatives are invited to join.

Family Annual Pass (Three or more names, which include permanent residents of the household) | $400

Couples Annual Pass (Two names, one must be an adult) | $250

Individual Annual Pass (over 18 years old, one person) | $225

Daily Guest Passes can be purchased for $5 onsite (cash only) for guests who accompany a registered OFE Resident.

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